Effective collaboration demands understanding

Our process is more pliable than prescriptive. Before discussing what you want to create, we first absorb who you are.
Who we Are

Somewhere between no-nonsense and easygoing is Werehaus, a team of seasoned filmmakers, photographers, producers and strategists who are flexible on process and rigid on excellence. In other words, Werehaus is a creative production studio making commercial media within our own methodology – Embraced by both colleagues and clients alike.

Our dedication to this maxim has afforded us a profound gift. We’re able to maintain our uncompromising standards while concurrently ensuring our clients enjoy the same benefits.

Whether we’re working with an emergent small business or an iconic global brand, We’re here to make you look good.

As the owners of a media company our reputation — and therefore success — is tightly bound to the quality of our work. Working with Werehaus not only protects our hard-earned reputation as best in class media makers, they’ve actually enhanced it.

– Stephen Satterfield and Melissa Shi, Whetstone Media

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