Werehaus has been producing high-quality commercial content Since 2010.

Industry experts, award winning creatives, and an all around production resource.

With over a decade of experience, Werehaus has had the unique advantage of growing and changing along with our industry. Our growing community of talented filmmakers and media professionals is a testament to our collaborative nature and the success of our vision.

While proud of our track record and the award winning work that’s come out of Werehaus, we regard the confidence and success of our clients as our most notable achievement. We consistently work to maintain our uncompromising standards, ensuring our clients enjoy the benefits of the dedication to our craft.

Whether you’re an emergent small business or an iconic global brand, We’re here to make you look good.

As the owners of a media company our reputation — and therefore success — is tightly bound to the quality of our work. Working with Werehaus not only protects our hard-earned reputation as best in class media makers, they’ve actually enhanced it.

– Stephen Satterfield and Melissa Shi, Whetstone Media

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