Autodesk – Tinkercad

Werehaus produced animated, interactive visual experience wins a Telly Award.

I was over the moon with how seamlessly the piece turned out. The team’s ability to drive quality production externally without causing internal inefficiencies is an unbeatable asset and speaks to their years of experience.

– Paige Russel, Autodesk

Directed By Paige Russel & Chris Regan
Services Provided
Creative Support
Production Crew
Sound Design + Mix

Autodesk’s Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding. Autodesk wanted a video that could serve as a compelling overview for parents whilst capturing the minds of highly imaginative children — a video that would also serve as the welcome video and first touch-point for the brand long term.


We worked alongside Autodesk to create a stop-motion/animation hybrid video to promote their Tinkercad software product. We provided creative consulting and technical expertise for the stop-motion approach.


To introduce Tinkercad, we crafted a story around a desktop computer speaking to the highly imaginative “do’er” that loves to make just about anything but now, Tinkercad, allows the imagination to run free and manifest into layers of digital creativity. Balancing the story with UI demonstrations allowed us to showcase Tinkercad’s product while aligning the perspective of the video with Tinkercad’s target demographic.


An award-winning , animated product overview with 39K+ views and counting.

Source: 2019 Telly Award – Fully Animated Piece, “Welcome to Tinkercad” . Autodesk Education + The Werehaus   / AutoDesk Youtube.

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