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Leveraging Werehaus’s experience to up the ante on their video and photo production content Autodesk reached out to us to produce this fresh profile on Fusion 360 in use at bbi Autosport.
bbi Autosport, a tuning shop based in Huntington Beach, California partnered with Autodesk Fusion 360 to expand its capabilities. bbi specializes in modifying cars for auto sport, specifically Porsche models. The team chose Fusion 360 for its ability to integrate data of scanned objects for easy manipulation in the design space. The resulting design can then be sent to manufacturing for prototyping. In collaboration with both Autodesk and bbi Autosport, Werehaus created this video taking the viewer through the process of building a custom car from scratch using Autodesk Fusion 360.
The Werehaus produced over 150 episodes of The Daily Move series for, a popular mental health app. With 43 days on set, our team managed more than 50 people over the course of nine months. Some subjects were also recorded remotely. Shooting took place entirely during the Covid-19 pandemic and The Werehaus was able to ensure a safe and compliant production set. This episodic series is currently live on’s mobile application.
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