DuPont – Froth-Pak™

A How-To series commissioned by DuPont Inc. educating consumers on the safe use of an industrial product. Episodes cover several topics including an array of technical information. The series was released to a large North American audience in three languages: English, Spanish, and Canadian French.
The project was a logistically heavy endeavor in which we were responsible for the planning, shooting, and all post-production phases. The set building alone was a project in and of itself, requiring us to put together a construction crew in addition to the production team. Not many shoots involve pouring concrete on the sound stage! This responsibility included production and management of all on-screen graphics and translation needs.
Directed by Alan Dean
Services Provided
Script Adaptation
Set Design
Studio Set Build to Permit Spec
Safety Protocols
Still Photography
Production Crew
Labor Compliance/Payroll
Music Licensing
Sound Design + Mix
Localization (American English, Canadian English, Latin American Spanish & French Canadian)
10 Episodes – English US Localization

How To Set Up & Shut Down The Froth-Pak™ 200 Series Kit

Episode 2

How To Set Up & Shut Down The Froth-Pak™

Episode 3

How To Set Up The Froth-Pak™ 12 Kit

Episode 4

How To Seal Attic Air Ducts with Froth-Pak™ Sealant

Episode 5

How To Seal Commercial Roof-Wall Junctures with Froth-Pak™

Episode 6

How To Set Up The Froth-Pak™ Arctic Pak Wrap Heated Hose System

Episode 7

How To Insulate Wall Cavities with Froth-Pak™ Insulation

Episode 8

How To Seal Sill Plates with Froth-Pak™ Sealant

Episode 9

How To Seal Rim Joists with Froth-Pak™ Sealant

Episode 10
French Canadian Localization

How To Set Up & Shut Down the Froth-Pak™

Episode 3
Latin American Spanish Localization

How To Set Up The Froth-Pak™ 12 Kit

Episode 4

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