Blue Bottle Coffee

Perfectly Ground

Acclaimed for its meticulous preparation methods and single source coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee is considered one of the major players in third wave coffee. We were approached by Blue Bottle to produce video content that would couple the launch of their new pre-ground product, Perfectly Ground.

Pulling from initial creative provided by Blue Bottle, we directed and produced two videos supporting the launch of Perfectly Ground. The first was an explainer video featuring the company’s founder, James Freeman, and the process of bringing Perfectly Ground to market. The goal of setting this video apart from your typical interview driven profile pieces was to highlight James’ personality and passion via a unique and quirky treatment to both the visuals and edit. The second, a shorter conceptual piece, was simply a way to introduce Perfectly Ground to viewers in a compelling manner via different social media platforms.

Directed By Jorge Novoa
Services Provided
Production Crew
Post Production/Editing
Graphic Design
Music, Sound Design + Mix
30 Second Cutdown

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