Uber Eats – Halloween

Uber Eats leans on Werehaus’ experience for interactive Halloween campaign.

“ I was impressed with the team’s ability to streamline the production process. I’m very happy with the results and plan on using our Halloween Campaign as a keystone example of our brand.”

– UberEats Creative Director

Directed By Jorge Novoa
Services Provided
Project Oversight
Production Crew
Makeup / Costuming
Labor Compliance/Payroll
VFX / Post Production

In an industry packed with competition, Uber Eats knows every party weekend counts if they are to maintain pole position in the food delivery race.

Following a successful back-to-school campaign with Werehaus, Uber Eats was eager to build on the momentum with an original Halloween production that would be as authentic and original as the food they deliver.

Conscious that external expertise was needed for this particular project, they brought in Werehaus as an on-demand production team with the start-to-finish experience to make their spooky vision a reality.


How do you create an engaging mobile experience that is frighteningly authentic?

Our team’s first steps were to create storyboards for a visual framework and to tap external special effects experts to ensure an authentic atmosphere throughout.

Managing critical decisions and resources like these reflected the trust that Uber Eats has in Werehaus’ ability to manage every aspect of a project.


Make the audience the character.

As production progressed from storyboard and makeup to lights-camera-action, the audience’s experience took priority. Rather than having the audience be a 3rd-party viewer, Werehaus decided to make the audience the character, drawing them head first into the screen.

Old-school stop-motion animation melded with 80’s era synth music to form the backbone of the media, maximizing each piece’s ghoulish originality.

With this level of detail, the audience not only turned into a hungry werewolf, witch, and mummy, but also saw specialized menus on their Uber Eats apps.


One of the most impressive ROIs reported was more first-time users coming back to the app compared to the previous year’s weekend—a testament to Werehaus’ ability to create original and impactful media that keeps its clients’ needs top of mind.

As Halloween approached, all three videos were launched by Uber Eats across social channels and the Werehaus-produced Halloween project has since become a textbook internal example for creatively communicating the Uber Eats brand.

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