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Tricks Of The Tailor

In need of a Bay Area production partner for a tight turnaround production window, Complex hit us up to help produce a video of San Francisco Forty Niners’ linebacker Fred Warner bringing in a pair of old jeans to be repaired and renewed. Werehaus provided both the entire production crew as well as photographer and support. Complex deliverables included a 3 minute short form editorial video, 30 second cut down, and lookbook stills in collaboration with Levi’s®. All footage and photography was captured on location at the Levi’s® Tailor Shop.

As you can see by the state of his well-loved jeans, San Francisco linebacker Fred Warner plays hard on the field and off. But instead of just tossing his favorite jeans and contributing to the 13 million tons of annual textile waste, Warner takes a trip to the Levi’s® Tailor Shop. At the shop, master tailor Marco Ruiz greets Warner, ready to tackle the challenge of reviving the pro athlete’s denim in Levi’s® new Tricks of the Tailor video.


Directed by Spencer Gillespie
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Tricks Of The Tailor

30 Second Cutdown

Pro Linebacker Fred Warner Makes a Big Play to Extend the Life of His Denim

Buy Better Wear Longer ‘Playbook’

Ready to do your part to help save the planet with your pair of jeans? Well, select Levi’s® Tailor Shops worldwide are prepared to assist you. As Warner’s Tricks of the Tailor video shows, darning and distressing are a few techniques Levi’s® master tailors might use to extend the life of your denim. But they have many more. So keep scrolling to get a peek at the tailors’ complete playbook, which just received star athlete’s stamp of approval.

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