Office of the California Surgeon General

We produced 2 episodes for CA-OSG team to support their digital content marketing needs in bringing awareness to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Working with the CA-OSG team has been an extremely fruitful and rewarding experience and we are proud of the work that has come out of it. The following videos help explain how ACEs affect all of us and they can lead to a prolonged activation of our stress response called toxic stress – ultimately affecting health across a lifetime.

I have really enjoyed working with this team. They produce an exceptional work product. They are professional and never miss a deadline. When necessary, they go above and beyond to meet some of my unrealistic timelines. They have their finger on the pulse of the latest design trends. They are skilled, thoughtful and reliable. The Office of the California Surgeon General creative team truly enjoys working with them. I highly recommend!

– Julie Rooney, Communications Director – Office of the California Surgeon General

Directed by Mark Grothman
Services Provided
Project Oversight
Creative + Art Direction
Script Editing
VO Talent Scout + Management
Sound Design + Mix
Labor Compliance/Payroll
Adverse Childhood Experiences (Episode 1)
Strategies To Reduce ACEs (Episode 2)

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