Fusion 360

Werehaus worked with Autodesk and bbi Autosport to give life to their compelling story of how they use Fusion 360.

Your catalog of work experience really indicated a breadth of experience that I felt lent itself to the intricacies of our industry without the need to be subject matter experts. In the initial relationship building I found that your curiosity, openness to ask questions while also challenging our perspectives was powerful. Your team’s ethos really allowed us to tell the best story and get the shot, done in a way that wasn’t just acting as a yes company without regard to quality. Werehaus prioritized giving me the best I could get even when maybe I couldn’t see it.

– Trent Still, Autodesk

Directed By Jorge Novoa
Services Provided
Creative Development
Still Photography
Production Crew
Labor Compliance/Payroll
Sound Design + Mix

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