ZIPCAR: Car Sharing for Errands & Adventures

Wheels When You Want Them


Zipcar looked to Werehaus to produce a brief and informative animated video that would serve as a simple, stylish introduction to what Zipcar is and how it works. Along with Zipcar’s rapid expansion bringing their services to a wide number of cities with diverse users and languages, we worked to make a video that would easily translate to a myriad of audiences.


Zipcar stands as one of the most recognizable, efficient, and easy options for car sharing. We saw this animated video as an opportunity to show new and prospective Zipcar members how simple their process is. By using universally understandable, visually simple, and engaging animation, we worked to connect with the wide variety of existing Zipcar users or curious potential clientele.


Results: 350,000 Views
Target: Both New Prospects and Existing Zipcar Members
Channels: Youtube, Instagram
Timeline: 3 Months
Deliverables: Featured Video + 11 Additional Alternate Edits
Services: Art Direction, Storyboards, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, Sound Design, Illustration, Animation