Helping to make ordering food through Uber Eats more exciting than eating candy on Halloween

After producing a successful back-to-school campaign, that transformed unappetizing cafeteria style lunches into a tastier more efficient solution,  UberEats worked with our team to produce a Halloween campaign that became, “a keystone example for the brand”.

– Services Provided

The Werehaus is now seen as an extension of the UberEats creative team; partnering with the Creative Director from concept to creation.

Uber Eats - Halloween


Art Direction



Props and Styling



Audio Mix

Sound Design


“ I was impressed with the team’s ability to streamline the production process. I’m very happy with the results and plan on using our Halloween Campaign as a keystone example of our brand.”

– UberEats Creative Director

– Finding the shot

We think out-side the box to create tangible experiences consumers can relate to.

This project was especially fun given the challenge of creating the classic, eerie halloween effect without coming off as cheesy and/or unoriginal. We worked to create storyboards to illustrate the exact video and all was captured using stop motion animation to increase the eerie effect.

– More than just production

Management of internal and external creative resources is critical.  We provided guidance on how to use creative resources effectively, for example; contracting out special effects makeup to help bring the characters to life vs. attempting to do so in-house. The prop styling, wardrobe and SFX makeup were crucial to tying in the whole vision.

Uber Eats - Halloween
– The payoff

The assets that we created were leveraged across a variety of channels, from the website to social and paid media.

3 Videos and 5 Gifs

3 Heros – Mummy, Werewolf and Witch

Longer cut of Back-to-school videos