RUVIXX: Licensing & Brand Protection Reimagined

More revenue. Data-driven insights. Informed decisions.


Ruvixx, a cloud based licensing brand and I-P management tool, was looking to introduce their product to their target clients by creating a hero video for their newly updated website. To echo their aspiration of bringing a simpler process to an older demographic used to using spreadsheets and archaic office tools that lack efficiency, we set out to utilize animation to highlight the brand as an intuitive solution that delivers real business value in a fresh, modern, and engaging way.


We looked to Ruvixx’s branding mark, a 3D cube that references the multidimensionality of their offerings, as a jumping off point for visuals that portrayed the complex aspects of the platform’s offerings in a simplified manner. Our goal was to breathe some life and a bit of fun into an informational piece all the while keeping things focused and direct. The animation acted as a fluid transition of scenes, building to a final moment where the culmination of our visual metaphors transitions back to complete its cycle, transforming our character into the logo where it all began. We continued this process with a second video focused on licensing. With it we took the same process but rotated the character to reference another side of the logo, revealing new aspects of Ruvixx’s capabilities over a new landscape of color.


Target: Prospective New Clients
Channels: Website and Youtube
Timeline: 8 weeks
Deliverables: 2 Videos
Services: Creative, Copywriting, Storyboards, Pre Production, Production, Post Production, Sound Design, Graphics, Animation