PANDORA: Introducing #MusicologistMonday

Music as a moment


#TheNextSong is Pandora’s shareable social media campaign focusing on not just delivering music, but delivering significant moments to listeners. While using Pandora, users know that there’s technology working to select each song for them, but there’s more than just tech – there’s a special human element at play that makes each song an individual and important listen.


#MusicologistMondays supports the human element behind Pandora, highlighting musicologists who make sure the next song matters. By carefully selecting three categories, The Human Touch, The Quantitative Side, and The Space Between, that describe the process of creating for Pandora but also invoke the singular quality of each Musicologist, the videos help educate and engage social audiences around #TheNextSong.


Target: 18-24 year olds
Channels: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter
Timeline: 3 Months
Deliverables: 19 Videos
Services: Pre-production, Directing, Editing, Coloring, Sound Mix, Exports Specs For Social
External Credit: Digital Team at Edelman (video concepting and creative)