MAKEBLOCK: mBot Ranger

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Makeblock is a leading learning platform that teaches DIY robotics, construction and programming to makers, STEM learners, educators and hobbyists. We were approached to provide marketing videos for the launch of mBot Ranger, the newest DIY robotics platform created for hobbyists and STEM learners alike.


In collaboration with MakeBlock, we handled this project in its entirety from creative to execution and final delivery. The piece drew inspiration from vintage radio controlled toy commercials, and used practical and digital effects to give the viewer a fun look into mBot Ranger and it’s diverse features.


Target: Child/Adult Hobbyist and STEM learners
Channels: Website, Digital Ads, Youtube and Social Media
Timeline: 5 weeks
Deliverables: 2 Video Edits and Stills
Services: Creative, Copywriting, Pre Production, Direction,Production, Post Production, Sound Design, Motion Graphics and Photography