CHROME: A Time For Reflection


Chrome is one of the most well known and fastest growing brands in the cycling industry. Since their beginning making messenger bags, they quickly expanded into a multitude of apparel and cycling gear. After positively responding to our work with Boosted Boards, Chrome approached us to create an original hero video that would promote the latest addition to their collection: a series of night gear with impressive reflective capabilities. In addition to the hero video, we created abbreviated versions for social media, interpreting the footage in seven different ways.


Our idea began simple: fly out the Chrome family, deck them out in night gear, and follow them as they ride the streets of New York City. We took the eclectic mix of legendary OGs, new school style, and well known skaters on the Chrome team, and filmed them as they rode in from various parts of the city to sit down at a group dinner to reflect on the past year. A literal and metaphorical nod to the apparel’s reflective properties. We love how Chrome gives back to those who support the brand, and we wanted to celebrate that through featuring the personality of each individual in their style of riding.


Target: Cyclists/lifestyle/commuters
Channels: Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram
Timeline: 4-6 Weeks
Deliverables: 1 Hero Video and 7 Social Edits
Services: Pre-Production, Directing, Post-Production, Aerial Cinematography
External Credit: Creative Director – Matt Sharkey, and Art Direction by Chrome