BOOSTED: City Immersion

The All New V2


Boosted, the United States’ premiere electric skateboard company, was looking to create a focused marketing campaign targeting various cities. To promote the release of their new V2 board, equipped with numerous new features including added speed and extended range, Boosted approached us to film a sound driven piece incorporating timelapses and slow motion for New York City. After the initial NYC piece, the project expanded into filming additional cuts for Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, with more to come.


The creative launching point for the project was to highlight the individual experiences each city provided while riding a Boosted Board. To do this we explored each city’s sights and sounds documenting our talent as they rode their electric skateboards. Through the use of sound design and P.O.V visuals, we were able to place the viewer in a first hand experience of being on the board, transporting them through an experience unique to each subject city. Literally filming from the board, the cinematographer holding the camera on a gimbal while chasing the riders provided this authentic treatment. Through discussion with local riders, we picked routes and scenic locations that honestly reflected each city while featuring unique and iconic backdrops.


Target: Major US Cities, Commuters, Urbanites
Channels: Youtube
Timeline: 6-8 weeks
Deliverables: 4 Videos
Services: Developing Treatments, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production