Airbnb – Not Yet Trending

Airbnb and Werehaus partner to un-earth the hidden beauty of destinations unknown.

In a world of Instagram and social media-fueled holiday destinations, how do you influence and convince travelers to take a risk and travel to destinations unknown?

This was a challenge the AirBnB creative team set out to solve with a series of documentary style videos focusing on hosts in less-frequented locations. The plan was to use these initial films as a proof-of-concept for a larger-scoped project.


It might be expected that a company’s previous successes form the go-to source of content for future ad campaigns. AirBnb went against the grain on this one. 

Taking us to three lesser-known but beautifully exotic locations while barely offering each city’s name raises more questions than answers. In other words, mission accomplished.

Werehaus’ ability to transport their equipment, talent and passion for creative content to the far-flung locations of Central Mexico, Guatemala and the Azores, lead to this project’s success. 


To whisk the audience away on 30-second trips to destinations most haven’t been to required innovative production and editing. 

A first-person-view slips the audience into the shoes of the traveler. They are the ones that see the locals, hear the foreign sounds, smell the market and end the night the way every night in a new city should be ended; on somebody’s roof with a cold beer in your hand and new friends by your side.

We hear from the hosts themselves and feel a personal, virtual invitation extended. AibBnb’s mission remains the same the world over; mi casa es su casa. 


Not Yet Trending, a video-series promoting new and exciting travel destinations, soon became a cornerstone campaign for Airbnb. 

Airbnb has seen a 240% YoY increase in searches and 206% YoY increase in with list inclusion for Puebla, Mexico since launching the “Not Yet Trending” video series in 2017, featuring Puebla as one of the first up-and-coming destination yet to be explored.

Source: Airbnb Reveals the 19 Destinations to Visit in 2019 

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