Erik Otto was in NYC recently so we took the time to film a short video of him racing the JMZ train on the Williamsburg Bridge. Nothing beats riding into Manhattan because it’s scenic and it’s often times faster than taking the train. When it approaches, the whole bridge shakes and you feel the energy of the trains through your body. It’s common to look over and see people in the train looking at you – on both ends thinking about who will make it to the other side first.

Recently, we acquired some new equipment so this was a great time to test it out. The drone footage was all shot on the DJI Phantom 4 which Terry had only flown a couple of times. We didn’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves so this shot was our only chance and Terry nailed it. The rest was filmed riding next to Erik with a Pilotfly 3 Axis Gimble. Also, gotta stick a GoPro shot in there somewhere!