This recent Erik Otto video was shot a few months ago, during a very rainy SF El Nino weekend. It was towards the end of December and we were all eager to have content ready to launch for the New Year. Erik especially had a lot going on: a new studio renovation, new work, and constantly out exploring the city. We had talked about filming another video for some time and wanted to center it around the next phase/chapter in his career. Fast forward a couple months – and here you have it.

Erik Otto: From One Place To The Next from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.

I wanted to capture a behind the scenes look into his world, and show the work ethic he brings to his art. I’m constantly trying to find people who are working towards their goals in the respective paths. Erik has always been grinding away in his studio and having shows in various local and international cities. It’s been years…not sure how many exactly. When we were done filming, I got a chance to record a conversation and it revolved around having new experiences to draw from. Erik’s at the point where he’s searching for next step (or the next place) and what it may bring to his art. From the way it looks, it seems like there will be a lot to come in the near future.

Erik’s Website
IG: @erikotto

Thanks to Jesson Duller for the music track and sound on this one!

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