This past summer we filmed our 3rd music video “Never More” with Crashing Hotels. The video was shot in NYC (around SOHO) during a warm weekend. We met up at the park in the morning for a quick chat before making our way through the streets. Most of it was storyboarded out, but you can only plan so much because of how we were tackling this video. Multiple takes that were going well had to be re-filmed to get because of the unpredictability of city streets. It felt like we were dancing with the city in way. People were constantly ask us questions, try and avoid being in our shot, or stop and just watch. We put ourselves out there and we’re getting instant feedback from people along the way. _DSF7684 _DSF8140 _DSF7464 Anastasia was amazing to work with. Not only was she a team player when we had to do multiple takes, she brought her own personality to the table. There was a quality to her expressions that’s hard to explain. AO (from Crashing Hotels) would direct her to feel a certain way, move, and she would make it her own. When we casted her, we made sure we got permission from her mom with the ending of the film. She seemed to understand the concepts we gave her and they were relevant at her age also. She’s going places in this world! The video was shot mostly on a ronin with Terry and I at the controls. It was the only way to get some of the shots we were looking for and the movement that was required for the video. Jorge snuck in a couple drone shots for us a while later rounding it out. The VHS filter was added later during post to give it the treatment to match the era. We wanted to blend the modern tool with a older look. We’re always challenging each other’s ideas, and this video was no different. What your left with is not only a video, but the process of production that you remember. The hard work all pays off when walk away with something everyone is proud of. Each video starts with, “What’s the next video?” We already put it out there Previous videos below.


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