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Analog Almanac: September 2014

Terry Barentsen

Every few weeks I choose 10 photos that I’ve shot over the month and post the collection here. After posting the first analog almanac I realized how doing this not only shares what I’ve been up to, but it also gives me a chance to see how different “collections/ shoot days” look when grouped together. This is something I’ve never thought of doing, and I feel it’s great way to step back and really analyze why you’re drawn to certain…

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Apexer & Werehaus

APEXER Paints The Sienna

Austin Chu

A few months ago, APEXER recruited me for a paint run, so we paid a quick visit to the original MTN COLORS HQ of NORTH AMERICA. On the drive down, we discussed testing out the new Hardcore 2 on our 2000 Toyota Sienna — the beat up minivan desperately needed a quick facelift and I was totally surprised APEXER wanted to throw down on it. By the time we arrived, he came up with a simple camouflage color scheme and agreed to the collaboration. Brian ended up burning through…

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Summer Terry

I Have A Life: Summer in San Francisco

Jorge Novoa

I Have A Life: Summer in San Francisco takes us back to a warm friday afternoon stroll, through the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. We ran into Kenzie, Tae, Liz and Crew working on the new Alite Store set to be open very soon. They are going to be located on 18th near Mission St. next to Ken Ken Ramen. (They do that double egg at Ken Ken, mighty tasty.) Stoop parties are the way some San Franciscans get “Turnt”. AO of Crashing…

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Friends of Werehaus: Brendan Monroe

Austin Chu

This is the first edition of our on-going artist series, “Friends of Werehaus,” which features the creative community surrounding WEREHAUS. “Friends of Werehaus: Brendan Monroe,” takes us across the bay to visit an Oakland based illustrator/artist whose work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Complex (to name a few) and solo/group shows in and around San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York & Europe. We were introduced to Brendan at POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2014 and managed to stay on island vibes with him once we returned to the mainland. Soon after Hawaii, Brendan…

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Analog Almanac Surfing

Analog Almanac: August 2014

Terry Barentsen

Welcome to the first post of our new monthly series called Analog Almanac. We’ll post a collection of photography shot on film every month or so. Since this is the first post I chose a collection of images that was shot in 2014 primarily with a Mamiya 7ii with the exception of the first that was shot on a friends hasselblad. Future posts will consist of current shots taken within that month. Normally I don’t leave the house without a…

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Werehaus Studio Photo

Complete Studio Guide

Jorge Novoa

We kept our Downtown Office but it was time to spread our collective wings to offer our clients and ourselves a place to marinate and create. We looked for studio space all over the city, from the Richmond to Downtown and all places in between. We lucked out and found this gem nestled in a little corner of the city. Located in the sunny and beautiful Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco,  the new studio is packed with all of the finest…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 3.20.35 PM

Vietnam Footage in Super 8

Brian Chu

Here is my Vietnam footage shot in Super 8. We spent 2 weeks in Saigon for another project and I used to opportunity to make this short travel film. We stayed mostly in Saigon and left the city only to visit a somewhat depressing zoo. Other than that, I brought this camera with me throughout the trip and filmed things I was visually drawn too. This was one of the first times experimenting with a Super 8 camera and I…

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