Hello New York
July 16, 2015 • Terry Barentsen

Hello from New York.

Brian and I made the move to New York with plans to pick up some East coast flavor. Since then we’ve been meeting a ton of inspiring people, eating fewer burritos, and shooting a lot of stills. Here’s a few from my go to cameras: Fuji GA 645,
Mamiya 7ii, and Fuji X100T using Kodak Portra 400 & Ilford HP5.


Bushwick Open Studios

hello from new york

A patriotic Goldsmith


From the Williamsburg Bridge



hello from ny

Match Stick Seating

hello from ny

The Atlantic

fort tilden

Fort Tilden

hello ny


Hello ny

Camping in Brooklyn

Hello ny

Oakland/ Bushwick

hello New York

Tatum Mangus

Hello New York

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